Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Jennifer Nangle: Scream Queen

After weeks of fans voting, Northern Frights Festival crowned their first Scream Queen! Winning the popular vote was an actress who is also a writer, producer, and fear-maker, Jennifer Nangle.

Nangle is no stranger to the horror genre. In 2016, she released her horror debut Demonic Attachment, a short film based on the haunted house she grew up in as a child in a suburb just north of Boston, Massachusetts.

The short film made its round in the film festival circuit, landing Nangle a Best Performance win, and a Best Actress nomination, along with many other awards.

She released her second horror short SLIT, based upon the Japanese urban legend of the slit mouth woman, and it was just recently nominated for Best Horror Short at the 13th Annual Action of Film Festival in Las Vegas.

It also won Best Thriller at the Women’s Only Entertainment Festival, and was nominated for Best Original Concept and Best Special Effects at the Independent Horror Movie Awards.

She also keeps scares going with her Award-Winning Horror Host YouTube show, Malvolia: the Queen of Screams, where she showcases indie horror short films, horror feature trailers, and many scream filled skits.

And she isn’t stopping there! With many projects in post-production and many new fear-filled stories on the horizon, this year will continue to be a busy one for her! So what's next for Nangle?

Look for her in the feature film Irrational Fear (2017), where Nangle plays Kelly, a woman with atelophobia, which will be released by the end of the year.

- Photo by G113 Photography

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